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Jack and Teal'c both pricked their ears and listened carefully for any sounds.

"You are correct, Daniel Jackson. It does indeed sound as if someone - or something - is moving towards us." Teal'c says.

They raise their guns and Jack takes a quick look into the corridor outside. "Crap! Enemies approaching! Why can't we ever just be lucky?"

"Jaffa?" Daniel asks.

"No, smaller. Covered head to toe in some sort of black ninja-clothes!" Jack took another peek. "Lots and lots of them - in sizes varying from small to medium."

"Where did they come from?" Daniel asks, frustrated.

"Who cares!" Jack loops a hand grenade at them, and fires off several rounds before jumping back into the room again. Many shots zing past him, and just fail to hit.

Teal'c fires at them as well, and pulls back into the room as Jack's hand grenade goes off. There are screams, which doesn't sound completely human, somehow. Teal'c checks outside the door again. "They are still coming. Corridor is full."

"We need to get out of here!" Jack looks around for some exit, but this is the sarcophagus room, deep inside the palace. He loops several more hand grenades outside, and tries to slam the door to the room as some of the enemy soldiers mill inside.

Daniel fires at the enemy as Teal'c puts his shoulder to the door and it closes, and locks.

Four of the enemies had gotten inside, and three of them were on the floor, dead or heavily injured. Another one jumped Jack, and started scratching at his throat.

"Jack!" Daniel exclaims.

"Get it off me! Quickly!" Jack gargles as the creature begins grappling at his throat. He cries out as an electric jot hits him. "Help!"

Daniel tries to grab onto the attacker and pull them off, but lets go as if burned. "Aaw! What's that?"

Teal'c grabs the attacker hard and pulls them off, ignoring any pain and throwing the enemy warrior on the floor. The mask that hides the face has been pulled aside, and they all gasp as they see a child, but not really. The expression is frozen and the eyes looks at them as if a robot. Despite a deep scratch on the face, the child does not stop or scream or otherwise react. It gets up and starts going towards the nearest which is Daniel, and opens its mouth widely. Sharp, spike-like metallic teeth juts out. Jack is the first to react and he fires at the abomination, felling it. Making an weird, hair-raising noise, it starts crawling towards Jack again.

"What in the name of sweet Jesus..." Jack recovers from the shock and gives the creature a merciful killing. "What are those!?"

"Jack! Are you all right?" Daniel runs to him in fear for his lovers wellbeing.

"I'm fine, Daniel." Jack assures him.

"Rumors has it Nirrti was helping Moloc creating a fearless, unwaveringly loyal defense." Teal'c says. "Combined with the rumor - previously believed false - that he had dangerous creatures defending him in his palace, this seems to be the explanation."

"But they're kids!" Daniel says with disgust. "How can anyone make themselves do this to them?"

"Girls, I believe. Most likely Moloc used some of the Jaffa girl children he would otherwise have had killed, for these experimental warriors." Teal'c says.

"That is horrible!" Jack looks in pain at the creatures. "To do something like that to little children!"

Daniel went to hug Jack, but they had not stood there long before Teal'c called out.

"More of the creatures are attempting to break down the door. We must make our escape, and quickly!"

"But how?" Daniel asks, a hopeless look in his eyes.

"Often a Goa'uld Lord will have a secret escape tunnel from each of his inner rooms. A sarcophagus room is almost always located in the safest position, so there may be a secret way our. All we have to do is find it." Teal'c says.

"Easier said than done..." Jack observes grimly.

They set to work, searching the walls and floor of the room, while listening to the unnerving sound of scratching on the door.

"Here!" Daniel exclaims. "I'm sure there is a way out here!"

The others run to him.

"You are correct, Daniel Jackson." Teal'c says, smiling. "I believe this is the activation button..."

"Well done, space monkey!" Jack slaps Daniel on the shoulder.

Teal'c had pressed the right place on the wall and an opening appeared in the floor. Stairs lead down into darkness. It was high time, because the door to the room was starting to buckle under the pressure.

"They'll be in here any moment!" Daniel says, nervous.

"Let's get going, then!" Jack says.

They run down the stairs and the opening closes behind them. Light comes on as some hidden sensors discover them.

"Nice." Daniel observes.

They hurry through corridors, and after a long maze of tunnels, they reach a door out. Teal'c opens it, and they stand outside, in the edge of the forest beside the palace.

"Awesome!" Jack grins.

"I guess we can scratch the sarcophagus in here? We'll never get to it with those... creatures in there." Daniel shudders.

"I agree. I suggest we try Nirrti's former homeworld. It has been some two years since she died, and she was a small system lord. Everyone feared and hated and mistrusted her, so no one will have touched her palace, lest there be deadly traps." Teal'c says.

"Right, traps!" Jack grumbles. "That's just typical! How are we on time, Danny?"

"Another couple hours, I think."

"Okay, we had better get going then." Jack says.

"We need to move! Quickly!" Daniel exclaims, as he sees Moloc's attack creatures stream from the courtyard around the palace and set out towards him, Jack, and Teal'c. "How can they sense us?"

"Who cares? Run!" Jack orders.


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