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They run as fast as they can towards the back of the palace, hoping to get into the courtyard there, and to the timeship.

"Why did we have to park inside the courtyard?" Jack asks, unhappily.

"Over here!" Teal'c yells, and they follow him quickly.

There is a side door, and they enter it, with the enemy still some ways behind them. The part of the courtyard they can see is empty, and they quickly close the small door behind them.

"We parked over here..." Daniel whispers, not wanting any nearby creatures to hear him.

They are maybe 100 feet from the timeship when the door behind them is torn off its hinges by the creatures. Ahead of them more runs into the courtyard from the large gates and from the palace.

"Crap! Crap!" Jack speeds towards the timeship and the others after him, with Teal'c shooting at the attackers.

"How did they find us? Do you think they have telepathy? Radio?" Daniel complains, as he runs, out of breath.

"Just run!" Jack yells back at him, just as he reaches the timeship. He get the door open and run inside to fire it up. It must be ready to take off the moment all are inside.

"Help!" Daniel screams as he is hit by the beams from the weapons fired by the creatures. "Help, Jack. Jack!"

Teal'c stops and runs to help him, and Jack exits the timeship like lightning. "Daniel! Oh, god, no! Daniel!"

The creatures are all over Daniel, gnawing on him with their metal-spike teeth and giving him electric jolts. Teal'c reach him first and hits the creatures with his P90, flinging them aside without problem and lifting an unconscious and bleeding Daniel. "Get back into the timeship, O'Neill, and be ready to lift off! I will get Daniel there."

Pained, O'Neill obeys and as soon as Teal'c and Daniel is onboard the ship lifts off.

"How bad is he?" Jack asks nervously, when he has flown the ship through the Stargate to a safe world, and sat it down. "Let me see him!"

"I am afraid he is not well, O'Neill." Teal'c admits.

Jack runs to him and kneels beside him. "Danny!" He feels for his pulse and finds it. "He is alive, but he is badly injured. Damn! And all just because we wanted to help Carter! Why did we get involved in all this? We need to get back! Maybe the doctors on our base can save him!"

"I doubt that, O'Neill, his injuries are great, but a sarcophagus can. We must hurry to Nirrti's palace, and hopefully find her sarcophagus accessible. I believe that is our best chance."

"Otherwise I'm chucking Marty from the stasis chamber and putting Daniel in!"

"It is running out of power in less than two hours. The best hope is to find a sarcophagus."

"All right, dammit!" Jack yells. "Type in the damn coordinates then, Teal'c!"

Teal'c does, and the Stargate activates.

"This looks...deceptively peaceful." Jack observes, as they look around the courtyard where they have landed. "Of course, so did Moloc's palace..."

"I am sorry for that, O'Neill. We should also be on guard here, as Nirrti is known for her tricks and treacherousness, but since two years have passed since her death, I would assume most of the obvious traps have been tripped by treasurehunters."

"Whom you think haven't stolen the sarc."

Teal'c nods. "Most humans will either not not what it is, or fear it - Goa'uld magic is not something you wish to mess with."

"Makes sense." Jack sighs. "I guess we have to risk it. Daniel is doing worse." He went into the timeship again and lifted up the still unconscious Daniel. He was breathing, but very shallowly.

"You should let me carry him." Teal'c says.

"No, I carry Danny. That's non-negotiable! You just get us to the sarcophagus, and defend us if needed!"

Teal'c shrugs. "As you wish." He checks his weapon and starts towards the entrance.

They hurry through the corridors, with Teal'c taking point and Jack carrying a quickly weakening Daniel.

"Where is that..."

Teal'c held his hand up. "Quiet." He listens for a moment, then continues, slowly. "It was merely birds." He stops again. "Do not step on those stones!" He points.

"A trap?"

"Yes. The sarcophagus room is probably near."

They searched for a little longer, with Teal'c forcing them to go slow, as there were many traps, some of which were almost sprung.

"Daniel. Danny!" Jack exclaims. "Teal'c, he's stopped breathing!"

Teal'c is checking out the room ahead.

"The sarcophagus is in here!" Teal'c says.

Jack almost runs into the room and when Teal'c has opened the sarcophagus he kisses Daniel, with tears in the eyes, and lovingly put him down in the sarcophagus. "Please survive, dead Daniel! I love you."

The sarcophagus closed. "Now we can do nothing but wait. It will likely take at least an hour, perhaps more, to heal Daniel."

Jack nods. "But you think he'll be fine?"

"Yes." Teal'c frowns. "It may be a problem for our plan, though. The stasis chamber is close to running out of power, if it has not already. I do not know which condition Martouf is in, but if he is dead or dies when the stasis chamber shuts off, he must be put in the sarcophagus within not too many hours. The faster the better, to have a good chance of success."

"Right now I couldn't care less about him! Let's wait and see if Daniel gets well first, then we can worry about Sam - and Marty."

Teal'c nods, and sits down.

Jack sits down beside him, to wait, but he is too impatient and worried, so he is soon on his feet again and walks around. It is going to be a long hour.


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