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Teal'c and Jack have to wait for a long time. Thankfully, no one shows up to attack them, or even just disturb them.

Finally, after almost two hours, the sarcophagus open, and Jack jumps up from where he is sitting and runs to it.

"I shall go and fetch the Tok'ra Martouf." Teal'c says.

Jack doesn't hear him, as he is only focused on Daniel who is slowly sitting up, looking confused.

"Danny!" Jack grins happily. "You're okay!"

"Uh, yeah, yeah - I think so?" Daniel scratches his hair. "What happened?" He starts to crawl out of the sarcophagus.

Jack throws his arms around Daniel. "You were heavily injured by those creepy creatures that guarded Moloc's palace - don't you remember? Not that it matters, you're back here with me now!" He kisses Daniel passionately and pulls him the rest of the way out of the sarcophagus and takes him into his arms.

Daniel smiles and hugs Jack back, and kisses him. "I'm very glad to be with you, Jack."

They just held onto each other, as Jack was unwilling to let go of Daniel after being so near to lose him. "You have got to stop dying, Danny-boy! I can't handle it!"

Teal'c comes into the room, carrying Martouf. He smiles as he sees his two friends, enjoying the sight of them alive and well and happy. He again thinks about how relieved he had been when he learned they had decided to admit their love and be together, despite the stupid laws the Tau'ri had on the matter. "Jack, Daniel, I am so pleased to see you both well."

"Thanks, Teal'c." Jack smiles and lets go of Daniel - though not quite, he still holds an arm around his shoulders.

"Is Martouf okay? How long has it been?" Daniel asks.

"The stasis chamber lost power about an hour ago, but Lantash has kept him alive. They need healing now, though."

Jack and Daniel moved away from where they were standing before the sarcophagus and Teal'c walks up to it and opens it again, and puts Martouf in it. It closes over him.

"So, how long will we have to wait, you think?" Jack asks.

"Many hours, most likely, given how serious his injuries are." Teal'c says.

"Good thing this place seems deserted - I mean, we could have risked Nirrti had kept some of those creatures!" Daniel says.

"Creatures?" Jack asks.

"She was the one who most likely was the creator behind the creatures that attacked us in Moloc's palace." Teal'c says.

"And we just walked in here? Are you crazy? We need to leave, now!" Jack says.

"We cannot remove Martouf from the sarcophagus now. It would kill him to do so, and defeat our plan. Besides, what choice did we have but to go here? I could not think of a place that would be more likely to have an accessible sarcophagus, and Daniel needed healing quickly. I decided it was most likely Nirrti would have nothing worse than traps, which I can easily spot!" Teal'c says.

"Hm, okay." Jack says, looking unhappy. "No reason we have to sit in here and be waiting targets while Marty heals, though? I'd like some food also."

"Yeah, me too. I'm suddenly hungry." Daniel says.

Teal'c nods. "With wounds such as that, it should be no less than fourteen or fifteen hours before Martouf is healed, so as you say, there is no reason we remain here. We should find some food, get some sleep, and then we can return. The sarcophagus is close to impossible to open without destroying, when it is working, so Martouf is quite safe."

They had traveled to a world that Teal'c assured them was safe, and which had a huge market with restaurants and inns. They had bought local clothing - as much because what they wore was covered in blood and torn, as because they needed to blend in - there were people from all cultures.

"This is more like it!" Jack grins as they walk into a restaurant that smells heavenly of food.

They get a table in a corner and sits down, and the waitress comes up to take their orders. "What would you like, gentlemen?"

"Uh, do you have...like a today's special?" Daniel asks, uncertainly.

"Sure we do, honey. It is goat-meat stew with olara mushrooms, yellowroots, and tubers. You get a small loaf of our fresh thyme-bread with it."

"That sounds great! I'd like that!" Daniel smiled at her.

"Of course, sir. What would you like to drink? Wine? Beer?"

"Uh. Not sure, wine, I think maybe?"

"Wine it is. What about you two handsome fellas?"

"Do you have steak?" Jack asks. "No, scratch that. Ribs! Succulent ribs!"

The waitress looks unsure. "We do have a rib roast, if that would be acceptable. It is served with herb- and mushroom sauce, and baked tubers."

Jack's mouth waters. "Yup, that sounds just fine. I'd like that. And beer!"

"Yes, sir." She smiled at him and turned to Teal'c. "And you?"

"I will take one of each, with water."

"A good strong man with a healthy appetite! I like that!" She winked at Teal'c. "I will bring you your drinks. The food will take a little longer."

She soon brought them their drinks, together with some bread, butter, and a local cheese, which they could nibble on while waiting for the food.

They were soon happily drinking and talking, and when the food arrived, it was all perfect.

"This mission is just going perfect right now!" Daniel says, a little drunk and very happy. He leans against Jack and kiss him on the cheek.

"Yeah, surprisingly - and I guess we shouldn't tempt fate by talking about it!" Jack grins and empties his mug.

"Right!" Daniel grins.

The waitress soon notices and brings him more beer - and more wine for Daniel and water for Teal'c.

After a very enjoyable evening, they are ready to retire for the night.

"So, where's our room?" Jack asks, when they have gotten to the inn and Teal'c has ordered rooms since the others are too drunk.

"I have booked two rooms. One for me, since I need to sleep now when I no longer have a symbiote, and one for the two of you. I believed you needed some time alone after Daniel's dangerous situation earlier today." Teal'c says.

"That was very thoughtful, Teal'c. Thanks!" Jack smiles.

"Yeah, thanks!" Daniel agrees.

With their arms around each other, Jack and Daniel goes to their room, while Teal'c goes to his.


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