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"Well, my headache isn't too bad, considering how much I drank yesterday!" Jack observes, as he sits down to eat breakfast.

"Don't talk about head - mine feels like someone is hammering it from the inside!" Daniel whines.

"It is in situations such as this that I am most pleased Jaffa do not drink alcohol." Teal'c observes smiling.

"Yeah, yeah..." Jack grumbles.

The waiter brings them their food and a local herb tea. The waiter smiles. "Too much to drink yesterday?"

"A bit." Daniel admits.

"Then I know what you need." The waiter says. He disappears for a moment, then brings them each a glass of a green sludge-like brew. "Here you go!"

"You want us to drink that?" Jack says, suspiciously.

"Yes. It will help you. Trust me." the waiter says.

"Hm, well I guess nothing can make it worse right now." Jack grumbles and pours it down. "God! It's worse than I imagined!"

Daniel looks fearful, knowing Jack would have imagined something bad indeed with how the sludge looked. However, his head hurt, so he decided to risk it. "Well, down the hatch, I guess!" He drank. "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! That's... YUCK!"

"But my headaches gone...already!" Jack smiles. "We need something of this for the guys back home to copy!"

"Yeah...my headache is gone too!" Daniel smiles. "I'll ask them about it!"

It had now been long enough that Teal'c estimated a high probability of the sarcophagus opening soon, and Martouf being healed. "If it could heal him, but I would say that was most likely. In fact, I cannot imagine it NOT being able to." Teal'c observes.

"Okay, the let's get back to Nirrti's palace, and hope the place is as deserted as it was when we were there yesterday." Jack says.

They go to the place they have parked the timeship, and get in it. Jack sits down at the controls and they take off towards the Stargate, where he dials the coordinates for Nirrti's former homeworld.

"It's an interesting architecture..." Daniel observes. "I didn't notice it yesterday."

"Naturally." Jack snorts.

"You can see she is a Hindu goddess. Look at that..."

"Not now, Daniel!" Jack insists.

"Sorry." Daniel smiles sheepishly.

They land in the courtyard of the palace. The place is as deserted as the day before - the fear of Nirrti is keeping everyone away, so bad a Goa'uld was she.

They walk as carefully as before, and manage to avoid the traps. They soon reach the sarcophagus room, quicker now when they actually know where it is.

"Ah, looks like it hasn't opened yet." Daniel says, somewhat worried. "I hope that's not a bad sign?"

"It is not. We are early in my estimate on how long it would take to heal the injuries." Teal'c insists.

"And he will be fully healed? No missing lung or missing part of brain or something that was hit or cut in by the Tok'ra doing autopsy?" Daniel wonders. "Which they haven't yet, I know, but still."

"No, the sarcophagus either heals you up completely, or not at all. There is nothing in between." Teal'c assures them.

"Oki, then." Jack yawns and sits down then leans back against the wall. "Anyone brought cards or something?"

They waited for maybe an hour, then the sarcophagus started opening.

"Ah, finally. Let's see if it worked." Jack gets up on his feet and goes to check.

Daniel and Teal'c follows.

The sarcophagus has opened completely, and Martouf sits up, looking groggy and confused.

"Are you okay?" Daniel asks.

Martouf nods slowly. "Yes, I believe so." It is obviously Lantash in control. He crawls out of the sarcophagus and stands, looking around, clearly unsure where he is or what has happened.

"Teal'c - is there a reason the snake is in control? Marty usually is otherwise." Jack says.

"Symbiotes always gets control by default if no one has control, which is the case when both died." Lantash tells them.

"That sounds correct." Teal'c agrees.

"I would also appreciate not being called snake." Lantash glares at Jack.

"We saved your sorry ass! Be a bit grateful!" Jack exclaims angrily.

Daniel grins. "Everything back to normal already, eh?"

Lantash raises an eyebrow, then bows his head, admitting it is better to let Martouf have control around the Tau'ri, as they mostly don't feel comfortable with symbiotes - and for him in particular since he has a temper.

"We were obviously dead, though neither Lantash nor I remember anything about what had happened. Where we captured by the Goa'uld?" Martouf asks. "Also, thank you... for saving us. Whatever it was from."

"What's the last you remember?" Daniel asks.

"Hey, let's do catch up later! This isn't a particularly safe place, even if it seems abandoned. Let's get going!" Jack says.

"I agree. Someone may decide to check out the place, and it is better not to be here then." Teal'c says.

They all hurry from the room, runs through the corridors of the palace, and exits it.

"We parked over here." Jack says.

Martouf nods and follows them. "Where is Samantha?"

"She's not on this mission. We'll explain - soon." Daniel says, guardedly.

Martouf frowns. He studies Daniel and Jack, then focus on Teal'c. "You no longer have a symbiote."

"No, I am using tretonin instead." Teal'c says.

Martouf clearly doesn't understand. "Tretonin? What is that? What year is this? Have I lost memories of several years?"

"It really is a long story. It's the year 2005. You haven't lost memory - well, not a lot, but some I think. You've... been in stasis." Daniel explains.

"For 5 years? Because last I remember it was... July 2000. I was...going on some mission..." He frowns.

"Yeah, something happened." Jack says.

"We'll explain, but let's get out of here now, okay?" Daniel says.

They enter the timeship, which Martouf stared at in surprise, clearly not recognizing. He doesn't say anything to it, though, but just goes with them.


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