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"Welcome back, sir!" Harriman says when he sees Jack and the others walk through the Stargate at Stargate Command. "We were worried something had happened to you, when so much time passed without us hearing anything."

"Long time? It was less than two days!" Jack says.

"No, it was almost a week!" Harriman frowns when he suddenly spots Martouf. "Who...aren't you dead?"

"Apparently I was, yes." Martouf agrees.

"But he isn't any more. We saved him. It's a long story." Jack says, grinning.

"Wait, almost a week?" Daniel looks horrified. "Sam's wedding!"

"Yes..." Harriman has a hard time looking away from Martouf, still shocked by his appearance. "She has asked about you many times."

"She must think we've abandoned her! That we won't go to her wedding because we disagree with her choice of husband!" Daniel exclaims. "Poor Sam, she must be devastated!"

"Walter - what's today's date?" Jack asks, hurriedly. "Time!"

"March 22nd. And it's almost 11PM."

"Gah!" Daniel cries. "The wedding is in two hours! We don't have time do shower, get dressed in our nice clothes, get her a gift - anything!"

"We do not need those things, Daniel Jackson. We intend to stop the wedding, remember?" Teal'c reminds him.

"Yeah, we should probably shower - and Marty needs some clothes that aren't bloody and torn. I guess we can all wear clean BDUs, and that'll be just fine." Jack says. "Marty - I'll get you some clean clothes, and then we'll all hit the showers. Harriman - make some ID for Martouf - on the double!"

It was approximately one hour later when they were all clean and dressed in fresh BDUs.

"Okay, guys - let's get going! There's one hour to the wedding, and it's in a church that's about one hour's drive away - if I drive. Probably two if it's Daniel." He winks at his lover.

"Be nice, Jack!" Daniel whines and slaps him affectionately.

They all get into Jack's car, and after showing Martouf how to buckle up, they speed off.

"Daniel Jackson, am I correct in assuming you and Colonel O'Neill are mated?" Martouf asks, picking up on the various visual clues.

"Uh, uh..." Daniel looks to Jack.

"I doubt the Tok'ra care, but yeah, we are." Jack says. "And it's General."

Martouf nods. "General. Congratulations - both on the promotion and on the joining." He smiles. "It pleases me greatly."

"Thought it would." Jack snorts. "Now you believe I am not interested in Carter?"

"Since Tau'ri do not generally seem to approve of more than one mate, then yes, I believe you." Martouf says.

"Good - and probably don't talk about it too much. Not very many knows. Same goes for you being a host, by the way. Don't mention anything alien!" Jack orders.

They turned into the parking lot, and Jack parked the car. "Okay, there are...some minutes left. Looks like everyone else has arrived."

"What do I do?" Martouf asks. "It would not seem as if I will get the opportunity to talk to Samantha privately."

"No, you're probably right there." Jack sighs.

"He can contest the wedding!" Daniel suggests. "Object to it!"

"Right! When the priest asks if anyone should object to the marriage, do so!" Jack says.

"Among the Jaffa, you would challenge your rival to a fight to the death." Teal'c offers.

"Yeah, that's not how it's done on Earth." Jack says.

"Not right now at least..." Daniel says. "In the past, at least in some cultures..."

"Not now!" Jack exclaims. "We're in a hurry! Tell him what he needs to know!"

"Okay. When Sam has walked up the aisle to Pete, the priest will start the wedding. When he asks if anyone objects to the wedding, step forward between the first few rows of seats in the back of the room. Raise your hand and say "I object." Then everyone will turn to look at you, so be ready to tell Sam why she shouldn't marry Pete. Probably tell her you love her. Then, uh, wait... let her think about it and hope everyone else doesn't start screaming. You should probably be prepared for her freaking out, or getting mad. If she turns you down - which I doubt she would immediately, I'm fairly sure your presence will at least postpone the wedding - but if she turns you down, be gracious, nod politely, and apologize. And leave quickly."

"I understand." Martouf looks very serious.

"Don't let Lantash talk! Or at least only using your voice, okay? The Stargate program and aliens are still a secret!" Jack warns, as they walk up to the door to the church.

"If Sam agrees to break off the wedding - which I think she will - take her outside immediately and away from the pressure of everyone else. People will be angry, furious, and demand you - and she - explain themselves." Daniel says.

"I shall protect you." Teal'c promises.

"And we'll have the car ready." Jack says. He shakes his head at it all, and really hopes this is not a bad idea. To think that the whole plan hinges on a Tok'ra...that is not reassuring!

They slipped into the church and stood at the back, in the shadows. Everyone else was excitedly whispering and focused on what was about to happen, and no one noticed them.

Pete was waiting at the altar, and they had only just stood aside when the door opened and Sam entered, wearing a beautiful white wedding gown. The music started playing and she began walking up the aisle. Martouf looked at her hungrily, but quickly got a very concentrated look on his face, thinking about what to say and preparing himself.

Daniel looks at Sam as she walks up the aisle, and then he turns to Jack. "Jaack... I really want that! Can't we go somewhere and get married?"

Jack smiles. "My romantic Daniel..." Standing there in the shadow, unseen, he pulled Daniel to him and gave him a warm hug and a kiss. He gave him a warm look, and his heart beat faster. "Maybe we could... secretly..."

"Oh, Jack!" Daniel kisses him again. "I have checked! Belgium and the Netherlands both allow it!"

"Then maybe we should take a little vacation there. Soon."

They kissed and hugged, then focused on what was going on in the rest of the church. Sam had reached the spot beside Pete. She looked pale, drawn, worried - but also very beautiful, very attractive.

The priest started to speak.

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