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"...if anyone should object to the marriage, they must speak now, or forever remain silent..." the priest says.

Clearly nervous, Martouf steps forward between the first few rows of seats in the back of the room. He raises his hand and says in a clear, steady voice (good job there, Lantash!)

"I object."

A gasp goes through the church and everyone turns to look at him. The priest stare at him, disbelieving. Pete glares at him, hate and surprise in his eyes. Sam turns to look, and just keeps looking at him for several moments, clearly in shock.

"Ma...Martouf?" She stammers. "...but...but how?"

"Keep going!" Jack whispers from behind Martouf.

"Jack! I see you down there hiding in the shadows beside the poor guy you set up for this!" Pete yells, a furious look on his face. "I knew you would try to stop my wedding, even if you don't even want Sam yourself! How petty is that! I mean, I'm sure you secretly just wants to seduce her and have your way with her, and then leave her when you have ruined her career! I love her!"

"Pete! How can you say things like that!" Sam exclaims.

"Samantha? Please, let me talk to you. I know my presence here is a surprise to you. Frankly, it's a surprise for me too..."

"Shut up, idiot!" Pete are taking quick steps towards the back of the church.

The priest and the guests in the church - most of which are from Stargate Command - are just looking at the unfolding scene in shock.

Jack makes a growl and starts to walk towards Pete.

"Jack...that's probably not a good idea..." Daniel warns.

"Not now, Daniel!" Jack insists.

"Samantha?" Martouf repeats, taking a few steps towards where she is still standing at the altar, looking lost. "Please, allow me to explain...you must not marry Pete. I mean, unless you truly want to, but please listen to me first!"

"Why now?" Sam shook her head in despair. "Why are you all here now? Why didn't you talk to me before? Why do you interrupt my wedding? And Martouf...are you even real or am I imagining you? I mean, I've dreamt about you often enough...but you can't be here..."

"Pete is a good guy! He is my friend!" Mark, Sam's brother exclaims. "How dare you cause this mess? Sam! You and your friends are an embarrassment to our entire family! See what you have done! Pete's sister is crying - and your friend is beating him up now! I should have known you would do something like this! From the moment you ran off to be like dad, and be in the Air Force. Mom would never have permitted this!"

As if in a trance, Sam turns to see that Pete has reached Jack and that he has attacked him. Jack is more than defending himself, he is in fact beating him up, releasing all the pent up rage his has felt since he met the man.

"This is an outrage!" The priest screams. "You are making a mockery of us all! This is a sacred place, and you are fighting in it!"

Martouf throws a look to Jack and Pete and realize Jack does not need help. He walks up to Sam and take her hand. "Samantha. I love you. So does Lantash. Please, allow us to explain." He again looks around him, in the chaos that is erupting. "I believe we should leave. Now!"

Sam looks down at their hands, then up at his face in disbelief. "Martouf? You are real? Not just my imagination? Alive? But how can you be?"

"Sam! Is that one of your old lovers? Don't tell me you dare degrade us all by hooking up with him again - after he's interrupted the wedding!" Mark yells, getting red in the face.

"Mark..." his wife says, trying to get him to calm down.

"Colonel Carter?"


"Is that...Martouf?"

Everywhere around them people whispered and gossiped.

"Stop it! All of you!" Sam shouts, trying to be louder than the mass of voices all talking at the same time, and many demanding she explain herself. "The wedding is cancelled! For now, at least!"

"Sam?" Pete calls from the floor where Jack has just sent him.

"Come, Samantha." Martouf takes Sam under the arm and starts escorting her out of the church, quickly, through the mass of confusion and anger. She seemed dazed.

"Sam!" Pete screams. "How dare you do this! I will get you for abandoning me at the church and making me look like an idiot! I was going to marry you - despite my friends warning me against a woman with a career in the Air Force! You will get the bill for all of this! And you can forget about anything of your's that's in my house!"

Jack gives him another knock on the nose, just for good measure. "Shut up, idiot!"

"I was a fool for thinking I wanted you!" Sam tells Pete as they walk past him. "I'll never marry you!"

She and Martouf hurry outside, and Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c quickly follow. They escort her to the car and as lots of angry, confused, and loudly talking people spill from the church, SG-1 and Martouf/Lantash drive away.

"Why do these things happen to me? Why do I deserve this?" Sam cries. "I've been engaged twice - and to crazies each time!" She sniffled. "And Mark...my family, my friends...they're all angry at me. I thought..." She shook her head.

Martouf puts his arms around a softly crying Sam, and she leans into his embrace.

"Shh, Samantha. Don't worry. All will be well. I am sure they don't hate you. They're just... shocked."

"I should be angry at you guys, but I'm not - I'm grateful you got me away." Sam admits. She still sniffles, though.

"Don't worry, Sam - everyone heard Pete's rants. I'm sure they'll understand you want to get away from him." Daniel soothes. He pats her back awkwardly.

Daniel and Martouf are sitting in the back with Sam, on each side of her. Teal'c is driving, and Jack is in the other front seat.

"Yeah - most of the guys from the base understands." Jack adds.

"In fact, I noticed several being in shock by Pete's behavior." Teal'c tell her.

"Thanks, guys!" Sam looks at Martouf. "I still don't understand what happened. I mean, where do you even come from? Another universe? I mean, you were killed... as a zatarc - and then the morons forgot your stasis chamber on Vorash when the star blew!" Sam sounds furious at this.

"Yeah, uh, about that..." Daniel begins.

"We may have fudged with the timeline. A little bit. Just a tiny bit." Jack assures her.

Sam frowns. "You changed the timeline? For me?"

"Yes, Carter - we did. If you feel like thanking us, you can pay for beer and pizza." Jack says, grinning.

"And movies." Teal'c adds.

"It wasn't very much we changed the timeline." Daniel assures her. "Martouf was still going to die - but because the Tok'ra decided not to let Lantash try and heal him. They did think they had forgotten him on Vorash, but they hadn't."

"Daniel! Maybe drop that - no reason to talk about things that didn't and won't happen now." Jack warns.

Daniel nods. "Right." He gives Jack a kiss on the neck. "Sorry, sweetie."

"You were going to take some time off after the wedding, right Carter?" Jack asks.


"I suggest you do it anyway. Heck, let's all do it! We can use some time off, and the others can get their gossiping over with. I'm assuming you won't be missed if you take a couple weeks off too, Marty - seeing as if the Tok'ra think you're dead." Jack grins, looking back at her over the shoulder.

"I suppose..." Sam gives him a wry grin.

Martouf nods. "Lantash and I agree. It will be...interesting, to take a 'vacation' on your world. We have seen a little of it on this mission, and it is a strange place indeed."

Daniel laughs. "A wedding isn't a mission - even when it gets called off."

"Some people would disagree." Jack says. "I have a cabin - we can all go there." He looks at Sam, who is still sitting leaned comfortably against Martouf, with his arm around her. She looks more at ease than she has in a long time. "You know...I've got...3 separate bedrooms. Daniel and me get the biggest one, then you can decide if you want one on your own, Carter, or if you're sharing with Marty - or if he has to share with Teal'c."

Sam blushes and looks at Martouf, who smiles at her. "I...um, won't make Martouf share with Teal'c. He snores, now when he needs to sleep. You can share with me, Martouf."

"I do not!" Teal'c insists, mock insulted.

"Sure you do, T!" Jack laughs.

"You know? I think this mission of ours turned out pretty well, don't you?" Daniel says, smiling as he looks at Sam and Martouf/Lantash who looks happy at each other. Then he thinks about Jack's half-promise of marriage, and he smiles even wider.

Yes, it was definitely a successful mission!

A/N: I know lots of people don't like Martouf, and I apologize for putting him together with Sam. However, of the guys that she's been interested in (minus Jack, because no - he should be with Daniel!), I think Martouf is the least annoying, if a bit meek - and he IS attractive. And Lantash is kind of interesting, in a weird way. IMHO, of course. Anyway, I have some fics that take place before, which I will try and get ready for posting. Jack/Daniel preship and ship :) There will also be a sequel to this, but that is only outlined.


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