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Reposting this here from Livejournal

Title: Saving Sam
Summary: Sam is marrying Pete, and her teammates decides to save her from him. Est. Jack/Daniel. There will be a surprise pairing for Sam.
Notes: First fic (that I've dared posting). Please be nice! Sorry about the Pete hate! Fic will probably be fairly short and I will update it often!
Rating: PG-13
Category: Adventure/Angst
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Sam/other

"I take it she didn't listen?" Jack asks.

"No," Daniel shakes his head. "She didn't."

Jacks sighs. "I thought so."

"She told me the only one else she would want, she couldn't have, and that Pete loves her and is nice to her. She'll marry him."

"Yeah, I know. I kind of regret turning her down - if she thought I might change my mind, she wouldn't marry Pete."

"Jack!" Daniel looks at him with pain in his beautiful eyes.

Jack puts an arm around his shoulders. "Don't worry, Danny. I might have thought I was interested in Carter once, but I only love you. I only meant so she wouldn't marry Pete."

They kiss, and Daniel relaxes. "So I guess we'll just have to let her marry him. I just don't like it, Jack."

"No, I agree completely. She's our friend. Our teammate. We've saved each other countless times. We shouldn't let her down like this!" Jack exclaims.

"But what can we do? I mean, I don't think she loves Pete, I mean how could she? But she thinks she'll be happy with him because he loves her."

"He doesn't love her. He's a controlling psycho! He'll make her miserable in no time, and she'll let him!"

"I agree." Teal'c says as he walks into the room. He smiles seeing his friends sitting close together and showing their love. "I have only met this Pete once, but I know the type. He will maltreat her. We cannot let that happen to her."

"Problem is, except for Jack, there's no one else Sam's interested in." Daniel says, looking morosely. "I mean, there's been a few, but they're all dead."

Jack suddenly grins. "You're right Daniel! That's the solution! No wonder I love you so much!" He gave Daniel a wamr kiss.

"What? I don't understand?" Daniel says. "What did I say?"

"We still have the timeship we apparently used to get the ZPM in ancient Egypt. We can use it to go back in time and save one of Carter's lover-boys!"

"Now, listen, Jack...that's extremely dangerous. Sam would tell you that's crazy! We could change who knows what!" Daniel says.

"It's our friends happiness at stake. Besides, how much damage can it do? They're all dead, and we're just, uh, snatching them out of time and taking them with us. We can do it just before they're killed or something."

Daniel thinks about it, then shakes his head. "We can't risk it. It's the entire fate of the galaxy at stake."

"I agree with O'Neill." Teal'c says surprisingly. "If we do not, Colonel Carter will marry Pete if we do not. He will abuse her, and threaten her until she leaves the Air Force. She will remain home to raise their children. That means the galaxy will not have her brilliant mind to save it, which may well cause much greater damage than saving someone who would otherwise have died."

They all think about this for some time, then Daniel nods. "I suppose you are right. Thanks for placing things in the right perspective, Teal'c." He turns to Jack and smiles at him. "So, what is your plan? Who do we save?"

"As much as I dislike the Tok'ra, I think Carter would like Marty the most, and that's what matters here. We want to make sure she calls off the wedding with Pete, so if that means I have to tolerate one of the arrogant Tok'ra hanging around, then that's what it'll be. Besides, Marty isn't the worst. Even his snake is at least honorable. I mean he gave his life to get us off Ravenna."

"Yeah, about that...wouldn't that give a problem? If we save Martouf and Lantash, then who's gonna save you guys from Zipacna's Jaffa?" Daniel asks.

"I'm sure Carter will have thought of something to get us away from Zippy's Jaffa - and you and Jacob arrived to pick us up soon after. I'm sure you'd have gotten there sooner if it was needed. It'll turn out for the best, I', sure." Jack says.

"I will say the same. All the members of SG-1 are quite inventive." Teal'c says.

"Uh, doesn't that mean you're praising yourself too?" Daniel says.

"Of course. We all deserve praise. Denying that would be foolish."

"Right. So, if we're gonna save Martouf, then I suggest we do so maybe around February 14th 2001." Daniel says.

"Why? You want to celebrate an extra Valentine's day with me?" Jack grins.

"Sweet. No, but that's when Sam blew up Vorash's sun, and the Tok'ra evacuated. They had Martouf with them in a stasis chamber, and it was complete chaos during the evacuation, I'm told. Anise admitted to me that they had temporarily misplaced Martouf's stasis chamber, and that they thought they had forgotten it on Vorash. They found it, of course, but if we're careful, we may find it before them, and they'll never know a thing, just think it was forgotten in the chaos."

"That's brilliant, Daniel! I must remember to cook you dinner as a reward!"

"Uh...you don't have to, Jack..."

"Nonsense!" Jack pauses and grins. "You don't like my cooking! Aw, come on! I can learn!"

"Yeah, and I have to be the guinea pig while you do!" Daniel whines.

Teal'c, amused, interrupted their banter. "There is a small problem with your plan, O'Neill and Doctor Jackson. Remember, it is not possible to travel less than a couple hundred years."

"Right." Jack looks unhappy.

"But what's stopping us from jumping back, say, 500 years, and then forward again, to 2001? We can do the same to go back here to 2005." Jack says.

Daniel smiles at him. "That's brilliant, Jack!"

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