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Jack takes the ship back in time again - necessary since the timeship won't jump smaller steps of time than a few hundred years. Then he orders the ship to jump forward again, a little longer.

"Okay, we should be back in our own time again." Jack smiles. "Same date we left too, I think."

"Well done, Jack!" Daniel wraps his arms around his lover from behind, and kiss his neck.

"Where are we going, then, Teal'c?" Jack asks, happy.

"Our best chance is the former homeworld of Ares. He died less than a month ago, and while there will still be some people on his world, they will not pay any attention to his palace. On the other hand, no one has likely had time or lust to raid the palace for things like the sarcophagus yet."

"Oki, what's the gate-address for Ares's world?" Jack asks.

Teal'c rose and typed it in. "These." He sat back down.

Jack nods, and they take off as soon as the Stargate has activated.

"Looks like there's some fighting for the palace." Jack observes, looking down on the place from the ship.

"Yes, it would seem looters have arrived, and that Jaffa still loyal to Ares are battling them." Teal'c says. "We cannot land here."

"Crap. Oh, Danny? How's Marty doing in his box?" Jack asks.

Daniel checked out the stasis chamber. "All right, I think. I'm not really the one to answer - Sam would be better at it, but since she isn't here..." He spent some time reading the dials and readouts. "I think it has power for another several hours, but after that it needs to be plugged into something besides this portable power unit."

"Why am I not surprised? Nothing is ever easy for us!" Jack complains. "Teal'c - where to now?"

"Olokun was killed only weeks ago. We could look on his world."

"Okay with me. Dial the address!" Jack orders.

Teal'c does so, and the Stargate activates - and soon they're on the way again.

Olokun's world was in chaos, with Jaffa fighting humans, and enemy Jaffa fighting both. His palace was on fire, and our heroes quickly decided it was not worth it to put their heads into that nest of vipers.

Teal'c's next suggestion was Moloc's world, as Moloc had been killed some months ago, when the SGC had fired a missile at him. He had not been a popular System Lord, and his Jaffa had likely just scattered. His palace could well be accessible.

"This looks much more promising!" Jack says, enthusiastically, when they see the place. "No one near the palace, and it looks intact. Let's land and take a look!" He sat the timeship down in the corner of the large courtyard before the palace, keeping it cloaked. He opened the door and they exited. "Remember where we parked!"

With they're weapons at the ready, they slowly and carefully crossed the courtyard. Now and then a bird would cry out and scare them, but that was all. Everything else seemed quiet.

"Creepy..." Daniel observes.

Teal'c opens the large double-doors to the palace. "Not at all. The Goa'uld Lord of this world was killed. That is a happy thing to remember. I enjoy treading on his former domain!"

"Right..." Daniel looks around, nervously, but they all enter.

"Where would the sarc room be?" Jack asks, and his words echo loudly in the empty hall.

"Quiet, Jack, please!" Daniel whispers, putting a hand on his arm and looking imploringly at him.

Jack nods. "Sorry, Daniel. I didn't mean to make so much noise."

"This way!" Teal'c says, confidently.

They follow him through the palace, along the corridors.

"In here." Teal'c opens the door to a room, and enter. It is dark, but the electric lights come on as he enters.

A sarcophagus is standing in the middle of the luxurious room. Some dust has fallen, but everything looks undamaged. Weird.

"Isn't it a bit weird that no ones touched anything?" Daniel wonders.

"Usually, no one would dare touch anything that belongs to a Goa'uld, fearing he will know of it and punish you. His worshippers may not feel certain he is dead, or that he cannot reach them from beyond the grave." Teal'c speculates.

"As I said, creepy." Daniel shudders.

"There is a rumor that Moloc had a secret guard protecting him in his palace. No one dared attack him there, even the other Goa'uld, because of this rumor."

"That guard would be gone now, wouldn't it?" Jack asks.

"Yes. If it ever even existed, which is doubtful." Teal'c says.

"Right, okay." Jack says. He does not seem entirely convinced.

"Well... I guess the place looks deserted, and there's a perfectly fine sarcophagus there, so that brings us to the next question. How do we get Martouf's stasis chamber in here? We could only just move it before." Daniel says.

"There is no need for the stasis chamber. We remove him from it, and take him here." Teal'c says.

"Uh, but would that even work?" Daniel wonders, looking doubtful.

"Martouf does not appear to be heavy. I can easily carry him." Teal'c looks offended. "Do you doubt my strength?"

"Right, I don't think that's what Danny meant, Teal'c. Won't Marty die if we remove him from the stasis chamber?" Jack says.

Teal'c nods. "Most likely - if he is even alive now, though his symbiote will probably have sustained him at the times when he was removed from it. We know Lantash is alive. It does not matter. The stasis chamber has preserved him perfectly, and the sarcophagus can heal him and revive him, even several hours after death."

Jack nods. "You're right. I don't know why I forgot that."

"Wait, guys!" Daniel calls out. "Do you hear something?"


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