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A/N: Boring chapter with lots of necessary? explanations. Sorry! Also not really sure how to write Martouf and Lantash - or how antagonistic they/Jack are to each other?

They were soon in the air, and through the Stargate. They flew back and landed the timeship on the place where they left it hidden.

"We are safe on this world?" Lantash asks.

"Yes..." Daniel says, never quite feeling comfortable when the symbiotes speak - it reminds him too much of what happened to Sha're.

"Can we talk to Marty instead." Jack says, not wanting Daniel to be distressed. "Some of us have bad experiences with your kind."

Lantash flash his eyes. "It is not my fault that I am biologically Goa'uld, but if my being in control distresses you..." He bows his head.

Martouf looks up, a less than happy expression on his face. "If we are safe on this world, then Lantash and I would like to hear an explanation."

"You had been killed, we saved you. What more do you need to know?" Jack says, annoyed.

"Uh, Jack, I guess we better tell him - things will be a bit difficult otherwise." Daniel says.

"I agree." Teal'c says. "He needs to know."

"OK." Jack shrugs. "Danny will explain." He walks ahead to the front.

Daniel throws him an unhappy, wistful look, but turn to Martouf. "Uh, yeah... you see, it's like this..."

He proceeds to explain to Martouf what has happened, that he had been shot as a zatarc, that they had traveled through time, and had healed him in a sarcophagus.

"I see. More than 4 1/2 years has passed since I was last...conscious." Martouf frowns. "This is...distressing. Also that my people did not seem to have done much to save me."

"Well, to be honest, I think some of them wanted to do so. Like, Jacob - and even Anise. It's just that those that didn't won. Uh, I think you'll find things have taken a turn for the worse among the Tok'ra. They also don't get along so well with us anymore. With Earth, I mean."

Martouf takes this in, but his expression grows darker. "Then I must go to my people quickly and talk to them, and attempt to turn things back around."

"Yeah...that may be a difficult thing to do, especially without Jacob and most of the others who were in his camp..."

"What has happened to Jacob? Also, why did you even save me? You need my help for something, correct?"

"He is dead - poisoned, Sam suspects, but we couldn't prove anything. Well, it was Selmak that was poisoned, but, you know... Happened less than a month ago. And yes, we do."

Martouf nods, slowly, looking deeply shocked - and sad. "Jacob was a good friend, and so was Selmak."

"Yeah, they were the ones that got along best with Earth too." Daniel says.

"Who poisoned Selmak?" Martouf demands.

"Well, obviously we don't know! I mean, we can't even say for sure that's what happened - and it could have been accidental. Or something done by a Goa'uld." Daniel says.

"Colonel Carter believes it is Delek." Teal'c says.

"Delek! No, even he wouldn't do that!" Martouf exclaims.

"You don't know. I mean, he was heard saying some pretty mean things to Jacob - and about hosts. And people from Earth." Daniel says.

"He...has some darkness in him, Lantash says, but we would not have thought him capable of this." Martouf shakes his head. "Could he have been brainwashed, like you say I was?"

"Maybe, but I doubt it." Daniel says.

"Samantha must be devastated." Martouf says. "To loose her father like that. He should have lived for more than a hundred years more."

"She was. Is. But..." Daniel didn't know how to explain it. "Uh, she's getting married..."

"What? To whom?" Martouf looks towards Jack.

"Not Jack." Daniel says quickly. "Someone called Pete."

Martouf nods, a sad expression on his face. "I..." He swallows. "I hope she shall be happy."

"That's the problem... we're..." Daniel begins.

Jack turns around. "Pete is a creeper! He'll... mistreat Sam. He'll make her unhappy, but she won't listen to us!"

Martouf looks taken aback. "Why not? Samantha is a very intelligent woman. She would not just marry some man without trusting him."

"Uh, she's... well, she's really down because of her dad, but also..." Daniel says, looking uncomfortable.

"And because I told her I'm not interested in her. Other than as a friend." Jack says, sighing.

Martouf's eyebrows creeps up far on his forehead. "You are notpursuing her? I thought you were my rival! I mean..." He blushes.

"It's all right, time for honesty. It's not like we don't all know you want her! That's why we brought you here!" Jack exclaims. "And yeah, I was interested in Sam - or maybe it was just attraction, I don't know. Anyway, as time passed, I realized I loved someone else."

Martouf nods. "But Samantha is in love with you?"

"Yes...or, I don't know. Maybe she's in love with the thought of being in love with me." Jack says.

"Wow, that's deep, Jack." Daniel smiles at him.

He gives Daniel a wry smile. "Thing is, she can't have me, and now she thinks she wants Pete, but I don't believe she does. As you said, she's not that stupid." Jack says.

"And you hope she will want me more than Pete, and so leave him?" Martouf asks, guessing.

"We know she'll want you more than Pete. Maybe more than me too." Jack says. "Not that I think she has admitted it to herself."

"But as her friends, we know." Daniel says.

"Indeed." Teal'c says, smiling slightly.

Martouf nods slowly. "I understand. I will talk to Samantha... but it can only be her choice. If she wants this Pete, then that is how it is."

"No, I refuse to accept that! He will force her away from the work she loves! I wouldn't put it beyond him to beat her up!" Jack says.

Martouf's eyes flash as Lantash take control. "If he touch as much as one hair on the head of Samantha I will kill him! Slowly!"

Jack smiles, for once not even angry or disturbed by talking to the Tok'ra symbiote. "That's the spirit! And I'd help you!"

"Right - okay, then we're ready to return to Earth?" Daniel asks. "It's less than a week to Sam's wedding now, so it's high time for Martouf to go and talk her out of it!"

They are standing just by the DHD, having talked while they walked from where they hid the timeship.

"Yes, dial us up, Daniel. We're going home!" Jack smiles.

Finally things seemed to be going their way!


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