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Birthdate:Feb 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I love sci-fi and fantasy. I read a lot, and watch way too much television :)

I am a major Jack/Daniel shipper (yes, that's Stargate SG-1, and I know it's becoming a forgotten show). I also like other minor Stargate ships, but Sam/Jack. Jack belongs to Daniel - hands off, Sam! That said, I like Sam too, and I love Teal'c.

I have a weakness for hot men, and I will watch crappy tv and movies if there are hot men to look at!

I read fanfic, and have written a little bit. I am just posting my first fic now, on ffnet and AO3, but will probably repost here.

I have recently become interested in the Tok'ra too, mainly because Jr Bourne who plays Martouf/Lantash is HOT!

I'm from Tennesse in the US, but right now I study in the UK.
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