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"It's a good thing you're the commander of the base right now, Jack - Hammond would have never have agreed to let us go 'check out if the timeship is still safe'." Daniel says, sarcastically.

"I've got to get something for having to be the man, right?" Jack says.

"What is our plan?" Teal'c asks.

"We take the ship, travel back in time to the right date, go pick up Marty's stasis chamber where Daniel says it is - if we're there at the right time no one should be around, and we can get it undiscovered. We travel back. Problem solved." Jack says.

"Except...Martouf is heavily injured. That's why he is in stasis." Daniel says. "Sam once told me that they had removed the bullets still lodged in him immediately, and then just chucked him in stasis and left him there for many many months. I think there was some sort of disagreement over what to do. Anise wanted to try and heal him, helping Lantash, but another group just wanted to cut out the symbiote and then do an autopsy on Martouf to learn as much as possible. That group eventually won, but that was not until shortly before Zipacna attacked Revanna."

"Well..." Jack frowns. "Then we'll put him in a sarc, right? That should do the trick."

"Yes, but the Tok'ra don't use those - and it's not like there's a lot of those standing around that we can get at. The Goa'uld guard them pretty heavily."

"Using a sarcophagus once, or a few times, when it is needed, will not harm anyone." Teal'c reminds them.

"Right. It's not like when you got addicted, Danny-boy." Jack smiles affectionally at him. "Don't worry, I know why you reacted to me like that. I've been addicted too, to drugs - after Iraq... and later to the sarcophagus after Ba'al had caught me." He looks grim.

Daniel puts his arms around Jack. "Poor Jack! I am so happy you survived! It was hell not being able to help you!"

"I know." Jack kisses him on the head. "Now, where do we find a sarc?"

"It would be almost impossible in 2001, or at least very hard. Now, however, it may be much easier." Teal'c says. "Many Goa'uld have fallen, and their Jaffa have deserted their worlds. They're palaces stand abandoned, often will all the furniture, including sarcophagi."

"Right, that makes sense!" Daniel smiles at the big Jaffa. "So we just check on the homeworlds of the Goa'uld that have fallen - but probably not the larger System Lords, they're worlds will have been taken by their enemies. Ba'al, mainly."

Teal'c nodded. "Yes. I have a handful of suggestions."

"Good, then let's get Marty, and then we find a sarcophagus - and then back to Carter, to stop that damn wedding to Pete."

"Which is in one week. We must hurry." Daniel reminds him.

"Don't I know!" Jack sighs. "Let's see, the timeship is in that direction."

"Does it work?" Daniel asks.

Jack holds his hands against the controls and concentrates for some time.

The control panel activated and Jack grins. "Looks like it!"

"Well done, O'Neill." Teal'c says and sits down on one of the seats.

Daniel sits beside Jack, and the ship starts to move. It hovers for a moment, then flies off into the sky.

"Whoa, Jack! Careful!"

"Don't worry, Daniel. I've got it all under control." Jack says, smiling. The ship turns around and flies back towards the planet's surface.

Everything around them shifts for a moment, and they wink out of existence in 2005, then reappears 500 years earlier. Jack dials the Stargate and they fly through.

They exit the Stargate on To'han, and speed into the sky. This is the planet the Tok'ra fled to after Vorash.

"You should think of February 14th, 2001... around 1500 hours. And cloak the ship!" Daniel tells Jack.

"Okay, I've got it all under control!"

Moments later they are on To'han, at the correct time, cloaked. Jack flies the ship to the place Daniel had told him to, and hover the ship - setting it down means there will be a dent in the sand, and they can't risk the Tok'ra discovering that!

"They should be here anytime now..." Daniel says. He stands and goes to Jack, and starts to massage his shoulders. "I don't distract you, do I?"

"Always, Daniel, but right now it's not to a degree where it's a problem. It's... nice."

"Then I will continue." Daniel smiles.

They don't have to wait for long, and soon Tok'ra start to appear through the Stargate. They are carrying large amounts of things, everything they own and are able to carry.

Two Tok'ra come through with some sort of anti-gravity sled, and on that is Martouf's stasis chamber. It is very large, of course, since it has to fit a while person, and have the stasis equipment. Another Tok'ra approach them, and seems to be talking to them - asking them for help with something, perhaps. They place the stasis chamber off to the side, behind a cliff, and follow the other Tok'ra, bringing the anti-gravity sled. They dial out again and go through.

"I guess it's now or never?" Jack asks, as the gate shuts down and the Tok'ra nearby disappears carrying their stuff towards the place the new tunnels will be made.

"Yes, they probably went to help transport something else heavy. I'm guessing there must be a lot to bring through." Daniel says.

Jack lands the timeship behind the cliff, as near to the stasis chamber as possible. He opens the door and stands up. "We're still cloaked, but hurry! How are we going to get the chamber onboard, by the way? Without the anti-grav thingie?"

"It will be heavy, but not too heavy for the three of us to move it into the ship. That is all we need to do." Teal'c says.

Jack shrugs and they all go to the chamber. It is very heavy indeed, but Teal'c is strong, and lifts one end, while Jack and Daniel lifts the other end. They just manage to get it inside, and close the door just as the Stargate activates again. Jack runs to the controls and takes the ship into the air again.

As Tok'ra spill from the Stargate, the cloaked timeship is already far away.

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